Let It Go: Dame Stephanie Shirley’s Extraordinary Story, from Refugee to Entrepreneur to Philanthropist (2012; 2019)

The memoirs of Dame Stephanie Shirley, philanthropist, IT visionary and pioneer of women’s rights in the workplace, were written with Richard’s help – but the inspiration comes from the subject’s life: from Kindertransport refugee to feminist icon, business leader, champion of employee-ownership, working mother of a disabled child, and ambassador of philanthropy. First published by a small imprint in 2012, the book slowly built up an enthusiastic following, and a new edition was published by Penguin in 2019. Shooting on a film version, directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour, will begin soon. 

What the critics said:

“Inspirational” – Daily Telegraph

“Engrossing… Filled with lessons in what it is to be human” – The Financial Times

“Whether the challenges are being a child refugee, having an autistic child or creating a fortune (then giving it all away) by founding a tech company at a time when women were supposed to be home baking bread, Dame Stephanie Shirley’s cinematic memoir inspires us all to keep reaching…” –David Puttnam

“The word ‘inspiring’ is greatly overused, but Stephanie Shirley’s story is one of those rare cases in which it truly applies. This book is an extraordinary tale of creativity and resilience, and of the power of well-targeted philanthropy to transform the world…” – Oliver Burkeman, Guardian journalist and author

“Nothing short of inspiring. [Stephanie Shirley] is a role model for young women worldwide in her spirit, determinism, humour, and generosity” – Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, University of Cambridge

“One of the best business books I have read” – Ian Fraser (author of Shredded: Inside RBS, The Bank That Broke Britain)

“If you want to be moved, read Let IT Go”  – Independent on Sunday

Learn more:

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“Steve” (Financial Times, 9 October 1999)

See a TED talk by Dame Stephanie Shirley here.

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