The Lost Village (2008)

The Lost Village: In Search of a Forgotten Rural England

The Lost Village by Richard Askwith

Published in 2008, on the eve of the great financial crash, this is the story of a search for survivors of a forgotten rural England. Elegiac and thought-provoking, it records a series of encounters with real country people, whose lives are rooted in the landscape and the past in ways that the urban rich who have marginalised them can barely understand.  


What the critics said:

“Glorious evocation” The Daily Mail

“You really must read The Lost Village: a quest, both funny and sad, for the remnants of English country life … ” The Sunday Times

“Perceptive, nuanced, restlessly melancholic” The Independent

“He writes beautifully” The Guardian

“A brilliant chronicle of ancient and modern England” Saga

“Thought-provoking and highly readable” BBC Homes & Antiques


Read a review:

Read Christopher Hart’s review of The Lost Village in The Sunday Times


Non-Fiction Book of the Year in the 2009 Saga Grown-up Awards.

Read about the background: 

Read a feature by the author in The Independent, introducing the book.

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