I’m not the world’s greatest public speaker – otherwise I wouldn’t bother to be a writer. But I do make occasional public appearances, which I’ll try to remember to list here before rather than after they happen.

More information via the links, when available.

Please check with the organisers directly, rather than relying on this irregularly updated page, before making any arrangements to come and see me.



Thursday 7 March 2019 


Publication day for my latest book: Unbreakable: the Woman Who Defied the Nazis in the World’s Most Dangerous Horse Race (Yellow Jersey, £16.99).

I will probably be making a few appearances in connection with this. Details to come.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about the book here, or order a copy from Amazon here.

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Thanks to Write This Run for the picture at the top, from their Monoblogues event at The Drayton Arms Theatre in August 2014.